About the Authors

Andy Russell is a toy and game producer and a co-founder of Launchpad Toys, a San Francisco-based educational media startup building digital tools that empower kids to create, learn, and share their ideas through play. The company’s first product, Toontastic, is a Creative Learning tool for the iPad that enables kids to draw and animate their own cartoons and share them with friends and family around the world.

Daniel Donahoo is a researcher and author interested in childhood learning and development, technology and new and emerging literacies. He has published two books, Idolising Children and Adproofing Your Kids. Daniel is currently the Director of Project Synthesis where he work with education and community organisations to support digital capacity and inclusion. He is a contributor to Wired’s GeekDad.com and collaborates on digital projects like In B Flat 2.0. He tweets @ddonahoo and offers services to children’s app developers at App Advice.